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In 23 days…

all the packing will have to be done and we’ll no longer be in our awesome first house that we’ve called home for the last 7 years!  Tonight we signed the papers on an awesome new house in Rosemount!  It’s brand new and just our absolute dream house.  I seriously could not as for anything more. This entire adventure has been a whirlwind over the last 6 weeks, but it’s been a wonderful one.

Somehow, we sold our house without it ever going on the market, thanks to our awesome realtor, Shirley Larson.  If you need a fabulous realtor, you definitely want to check her out!  We found out last night that our buyer had sold her house, so we signed the papers on our new one tonight and will be closing on the 26th.  No, not the 26th of March, but the 26th of FEBRUARY!!  As in, 23 days from now!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, that’s me you’re hearing freaking out about getting our house packed up in that amount of time!!

Stay tuned for our crazy moving adventure.  It wasn’t so bad the first time around when we moved into our current house, but with 2 kids, I can guarantee there be some highs and lows along the way.

And now, here are some pictures!  The inside pics are of a different house, but the same model, our floor plan is just flip flopped of these photos, but the outside ones are of our actual house.  The outside will be painted come the spring, so the final color will be a light yellow-ish with green accents.  I can’t wait!!

If only this furniture came with too!  LOL

This might be my favorite room in the house:-)

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Steph - Congratulations!! So excited for you guys and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Robin - Beautiful house Amy! I know you are super excited!! Will you be able to have a studio in the basement?

Amy - Thanks, Robin! I actually will have a dedicated studio on the upper level that is the 4th bedroom. It has awesome natural light and it’s own bathroom! Woo hoo!!

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