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Project 52: Week 7 & 8

I know, I’m late post­ing my Week 7 photo, but I’m sure you guys can for­give me since we’re in PACKING HELL!!!  So, here’s last week’s and this week’s, all in one post.  And this is prob­a­bly the last one I’ll post from our old house! Yay!:-)

Here’s last week’s.  I’m doing an online pho­tog­ra­phy work­shop and was try­ing to work on get­ting a motion blur shot.  There’s so many tech­ni­cal things wrong with this photo, but I still love it and it cracks me up.  This was Tyson’s ver­sion of Cross-Country ski­ing while we were watch­ing the olympics.  In case you can’t tell, that’s two hockey sticks as skiis, and his poles are a golf club and a bat.
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And for Week 8.  Bai­ley got this cute lit­tle stool that is a puz­zle with her first and mid­dle name on in.  She’s OBSESSED with tak­ing all of the let­ters off and putting them all back on top of it (and into any assort­ment of con­tain­ers as well).  She’s still not crawl­ing yet, but I’m actu­ally happy this week for that with all of the pack­ing we’ve been doing.  It’s keep­ing her out of a lot less trou­ble!
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