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Project 52: Week 7 & 8

I know, I’m late posting my Week 7 photo, but I’m sure you guys can forgive me since we’re in PACKING HELL!!!  So, here’s last week’s and this week’s, all in one post.  And this is probably the last one I’ll post from our old house! Yay!:-)

Here’s last week’s.  I’m doing an online photography workshop and was trying to work on getting a motion blur shot.  There’s so many technical things wrong with this photo, but I still love it and it cracks me up.  This was Tyson’s version of Cross-Country skiing while we were watching the olympics.  In case you can’t tell, that’s two hockey sticks as skiis, and his poles are a golf club and a bat.
Motion Blur

And for Week 8.  Bailey got this cute little stool that is a puzzle with her first and middle name on in.  She’s OBSESSED with taking all of the letters off and putting them all back on top of it (and into any assortment of containers as well).  She’s still not crawling yet, but I’m actually happy this week for that with all of the packing we’ve been doing.  It’s keeping her out of a lot less trouble!
Week 8/52

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