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Showing off her birthday chair

Here’s the birthday girl showing off her birthday dress and new chair from mom & dad.  I just LOVE this little chair, it’s so cute and I think I’ll get lots of use out of it as a prop too!

We’re getting better at standin now!  yay!

I love this one <3

Big hazel eyes:-)  I think she’s looking a lot like Tyson in this one.

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letty - hi amy i read your response to one of the ladies over click n moms, you said “ditto the white balance”, but exposure looks good. How do you get your white bal on the dot? As for exposure do you go by the center reading you see through the viewfinder with the reading being at the center. I just had to ask because your images look so crisp and nice. Thanks,

Amy - I do all my WB corrections in Light Room and then finish off with a curves adjustment layer in CS4. For exposure, I usually over expose by at least 2/3 stop to the right. Thank you for your compliments of my work!

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