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To say we’ve been a bit busy these last couple of weeks would be a crazy understatement!  But, it’s all been good.  I’m also giving the blog a mini-makeover, so please excuse the dust while I get it updated. :-)

Today, Tony officially started his new job as a Trainer at Lifetime Fitness.  If you know of anyone that’s looking for an awesome trainer, who takes his job VERY seriously, my man, is your man. 😉  We’re SO proud of him!  I can’t wait to see him do well, which I’m confident he will.

We also went out of town to Dubuque, Iowa this past weekend for my cousin’s wedding.  It was GORGEOUS and such a blast.  I was honored enough to be asked to sing a few of the songs during the mass as well!

While we were in Dyersville, Iowa for the ceremony, we visited the Field of Dreams Movie Site!  Surprisingly, I left my camera home for the weekend, so all I had was my camera phone.  So, here are a few weak shots from that.  You get the “picture” though.  It was really neat to see it in person!  And for just $5.4 million it could be yours! LOL

Yes, Kevin Costner’s tushie sat on this bench. :-)

“If you build it…they will come”

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Melissa - Do you realize how much your “if you build it…they will come” resembles yourself? You’ve built all of this, and so, so much more! SO proud of you and all that you are doing!! Your work is simply stunning! Be proud! Because you HAVE built it, continue to build it… and they will continue to come! <3

Amy - Melissa, thank you SO much for that. I guess I never even made the connection. Just one more example that no matter what your dreams and goals are in life, you CAN achieve them! Thank YOU for your continuous support of my passion. You’ll never know how much it means to me!

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