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Work in Progress — In more ways than one

We’re finally feel­ing like home is HOME now.  Our patio is in, the grass and land­scap­ing are all in and we are now “allowed” to walk and play on it. 😛  I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time out­side this time of year than I have this year! 

We got some “grown up” pots from Gerten’s finally (not the cheapy plas­tic ones that we’ve always had) and I’m really lov­ing how the front of the house is com­ing along!  And it’s all painted too, I love the color.


I’ve also decided since every per­son in our neigh­bor­hood seems to be a size 2, that it’s time for me to crack down and lose this darn baby weight that’s been hang­ing around.  It’s embarass­ing once you have a one year old and still look like you just gave birth a few weeks ago.

I’ve attempted many dif­fer­ent approaches to doing this, but I know that I like food to much to really do some crazy sort of diet.  So, I’m attempt­ing a com­bi­na­tion of excer­cise and just mak­ing bet­ter choices when I eat.  This means less buy­ing break­fast and lunches at work and more of brin­ing left­overs and other things to eat for lunch.

Like many other busy moms, I have NO time to get to the gym dur­ing the week.  A friend of mine from Scrap­Girls has been doing some of the Beach­Body work­outs for the last few months and she looks AMAZING!!!  So, I decided to give one of their pro­grams a shot.  She rec­om­mended the ChaLEAN Extreme to start out with.  I’m only on Day 5, but I LOVE it so far and it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with a “work­out pro­gram”.  It’s def­i­nitely more strength train­ing focused than just doing a 40 min DVD of pure car­dio, which really doesn’t do much for me these days.

The awe­some thing about ChaLEAN is that it comes with all the DVD’s that you need for the entire pro­gram, as well as the resis­tance band and the leg band, a nutir­tion book and a com­plete guide and jour­nal to track your progress.  But, I really wanted to get a set of adjustable weights to use to max­i­mize my work­out, so I’m going to give these a try.  I’ll let you know how I like them.

They also want you to take before pics, so I need to get around to doing that one of these days…I promise I won’t share them here. :-)

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karen - OH I absolutely adore that style home!!!! As for the excer­cise — my lit­tle boy is one and I swear my stom­ach looks like they for­got to take out his twin.….

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