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Work in Progress – In more ways than one

We’re finally feeling like home is HOME now.  Our patio is in, the grass and landscaping are all in and we are now “allowed” to walk and play on it. 😛  I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time outside this time of year than I have this year! 

We got some “grown up” pots from Gerten’s finally (not the cheapy plastic ones that we’ve always had) and I’m really loving how the front of the house is coming along!  And it’s all painted too, I love the color.


I’ve also decided since every person in our neighborhood seems to be a size 2, that it’s time for me to crack down and lose this darn baby weight that’s been hanging around.  It’s embarassing once you have a one year old and still look like you just gave birth a few weeks ago.

I’ve attempted many different approaches to doing this, but I know that I like food to much to really do some crazy sort of diet.  So, I’m attempting a combination of excercise and just making better choices when I eat.  This means less buying breakfast and lunches at work and more of brining leftovers and other things to eat for lunch.

Like many other busy moms, I have NO time to get to the gym during the week.  A friend of mine from ScrapGirls has been doing some of the BeachBody workouts for the last few months and she looks AMAZING!!!  So, I decided to give one of their programs a shot.  She recommended the ChaLEAN Extreme to start out with.  I’m only on Day 5, but I LOVE it so far and it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with a “workout program”.  It’s definitely more strength training focused than just doing a 40 min DVD of pure cardio, which really doesn’t do much for me these days.

The awesome thing about ChaLEAN is that it comes with all the DVD’s that you need for the entire program, as well as the resistance band and the leg band, a nutirtion book and a complete guide and journal to track your progress.  But, I really wanted to get a set of adjustable weights to use to maximize my workout, so I’m going to give these a try.  I’ll let you know how I like them.

They also want you to take before pics, so I need to get around to doing that one of these days…I promise I won’t share them here. :-)

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karen - OH I absolutely adore that style home!!!! As for the excercise – my little boy is one and I swear my stomach looks like they forgot to take out his twin…..

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