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School Bound

Even though school has been in session for a couple of months already, I still can’t believe my baby boy is in Kindergarten.  He is LOVING it and really thriving and making so many new friends and learning new things.

A few brags (these are mostly for my documentation so I don’t forget in a few years!)

He was asked to be a part of his class’ Advanced Reading Group!  It’s 3-4 of his classmates that get together with a teacher every Monday and work on their reading and writing skills.  We’re *so* proud of him and are amazed by his smarts every day!

The other “brag” is that he was chosen as one of the students for the month of September that exemplifies the trait of Responsibility.  We got a really nice note from his teacher as to why he was chosen and he had his photo taken with the other “responsible” students with their principle, Mr. Guthrie.

Needless to say…school is off to a great start!

I posted some photos from his first day over on my Ten Tiny Toes Blog, so you can see them here.

Tony also took some video of him getting on the school bus (obviously Daddy needs to work on his video skills), such a bittersweet Mommy moment!  **in case you can’t see him, he’s the one with the blue backpack with the giant tag hanging on it**:-)

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