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The Ice.

If you know Tyson at all, you’ll know he has a true love for hockey.  He loves anything and everything about it, he plays it for hours on end on his “hockey rink” (aka – our dining room floor) and never gets sick of watching it either.  However, there’s always been one thing standing in his way from actually playing real hockey.  The ice.  Skating on the ice.

Granted, he’s only 5 years old now, but here in MN, they start them young.  Like 3 years old.

I have to be honest, I really am not all that trilled about the prospect of being a “hockey mom”.  I don’t like to be cold, the hockey atmosphere is not something that I enjoy from a parental perspective.  IMO, it’s all just a bit too competitive where we live.  But, my son wants to play it, and therefore I must put my feelings aside for him and let him at least attempt this sport that he adores.

Back to the ice.  The boy can’t skate.  He’s normally very athletically inclined, but his one hang up is on skates.  We put him in skating lessons for the first time last winter and he was a hot mess!  Falling all over the place, in tears.  I was actually beginning to be hopeful that skating might save me from the fate of the Hockey Mom.  :-) So, we only did one session and packed up the skates.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, talk of hockey and skating resurfaced in our house (thanks to the the MN Wild games being back) and he tells me he wants to try it again.  So, I looked up our local Learn to Skate program here in our new town and signed him up.  He got pretty good at rollerblading over the summer, so I thought maybe with not only that, but the fact that he’s just bigger and more coordinated now, would help him to not get as frustrated by it.

Last night was the first night.  His excitement was enough to make me forget about my Hockey Mom woes and it was so cute watching him observe over the edge of the boards the class finishing up before us.  He had his skates on about 23 minutes before his class even started, he just could.not.wait!

Finally, the whistle blew and all the little ones lined up in their bike helmets and snow pants took to the ice.  I wasn’t sure how it would all go down.

I should have known better though because he got right out there and headed straight across the ice for his group.  He nearly fell a few times, but recovered nicely and made it to the wall without falling!

I proudly watched from the bleachers as he slowly remembered how to do this whole skating thing and was SO proud at the bit of progress he made last night alone!  By the end of the 30 minute class, he was going backwards and doing Swizzles!

I took a couple of little videos of him because I thought it would be fun to document him now and then again at the end of the session, so here they are.  He’s in the dark gray coat with green and has a bike helmet on.  He has a LONG way to go before he’s the next Pierre Marc Bouchard, but at least we’ve made a bit of progress since our last skating adventure!

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