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Ready or Not…

Here it comes!  Winter that is:-( Mid week last week it was 70 degrees…three days later, and we have nearly a foot of snow on the ground!  The flakes began flying Friday night, when I went to bed the ground was wet.  By 6 am, there was already a good 2-3″ inches on the ground and some GIANT snowflakes were coming down!  And, it didn’t stop at all until Sunday!  My mums weren’t quite ready for it, but what can you do?  Guess it’s time to pull them out and start on the holiday decorations outside!

So, what do you do when you’re stuck in your house for the first major snow storm of the year?  Why, you make snowflake pancakes of course!

And if you’re a 5 year old boy, you go and play outside for longer this past weekend than you have any other winter total in your entire life.  He was out sledding yesterday on the neighbor’s hill for 4 HOURS (that’s him with the teal sled)!!!!  He was a bit soggy when he finally came in for dinner! LOL

And if you’re baby sister, you don’t get to go out and play in the snow quite yet (need to get her some boots first!), so instead you take a nice long afternoon nap and play in the house with Mama.

She discovered that her “babies” could go for a ride too on her new car.

She’s also obessed with drawing with pens and pencils right now.  We REALLY have to be careful to not let her get ahold of any because she loves to draw on EVERYTHING!  (Hello, mr. Clean Magic Eraser!)  But, I let her draw on some of the mail we got.  She does this for quite a while just about every day.  I’m amazed at her ability to hold a pen and her fine motor skills!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend as well!

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Steph - So glad we didn’t get that but our kids love it too!! Looks like fun…as long as it isn’t here yet 😉 She is so cute!!

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