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This weekend

This weekend was so much fun!  I had a photo session with an awesome little 5 month old saturday morning and then we hung out with B until we headed over to my dad’s to celebrate mine and my sister’s birthday.  The kids spent the night at my mom’s house and it was absolute bliss to sleep in until 9 am this morning!

Tyson had an exciting weekend as well.  His Grandpa Murray spoils him rotten when it comes to the MN Wild (and MANY other things!)  He got to go watch them practice Saturday morning and while there, he met his absolute, #1, favorite hockey player, #96, Pierre-Marc Bouchard!

Apparently PMB said to Ty “Would you like to have my stick from practice?”

Tyson: “No, thanks, I already have one”

Stunned Grandpa: “Um…where did you get it?”

Tyson: “Dick’s Sporting Goods”

LMAO.  Classic Tyson.  Thanks for thinking of me PMB, but I’m all set…you can keep yours…

Meanwhile, back in reality, B was enjoying having Tony and I all to herself.  It’s so interesting how different she is when Ty isn’t around.  I know she misses him, but she enjoys being left alone and getting to play with whatever she’d like.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

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Anja - B. is so cute! Love her pigtails!

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