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Do you know what a Gleek is?  If not, you need to walk away from the computer at this very moment and go rent the first season of Glee on DVD.  If you do, well, then you’ll probably really like this post!  :-)

The Sunday before my birthday, I saw in one of the Sunday Ads that they had just come out with a new Wii game, Glee Karaoke Revolution! This was MADE for me!!!  It takes 2 of my favorite things, Glee and Karaoke, and puts them in a game together!!  So, I dropped MAJOR hints to the men in my life and thank goodness they came through for me and I was stoked when I opened this up on my birthday!

Watching Glee is kind of my “thing” with Ty.  He loves the singing and dancing in it, he’s my little superstar.  :-) So, he’s loving this game just as much as I am.  But, the problem is, he only knows one song on it: Don’t Stop Believin’  Don’t get me wrong, that’s my favorite Glee song of all time, but seriously, after him singing it about 56 times over the last week, I’ve grown a tad tired of it.

But, he’s freaking adorable when he sings it.  He does a knee bounce and everything.  The next little American Idol.  :-) So, here’s a little snippet of him singing it with the game:

Happy Tuesday!

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