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Christmas Sanity Saver Tips!

Last night at ECFE we were briefly sharing some tips and hints about how to save time and sanity over the next few days.  Thought I’d share a couple of them that I do and could not live without this week!

Coborn’s Delivers – Home Grocery Delivery

This one is NOT just holiday related, but rather year round!  Our neighbor introduced us to this concept and I’ve been thanking her ever since!  You would think it would be MORE expensive to order your groceries online, but I promise, you will SAVE money and sanity!  Who can beat that?

I ordered my groceries for my Christmas Day cooking last night at 10 pm, in my jammies and they will be delivered this afternoon!  Who can beat that?  No standing in line at the packed grocery stores and fighting the crowds and forgetting at least one thing on your list!

And, we save money because I’m not throwing unnecessary items into my cart because they’re “on sale”.  Check out their Facebook Page for frequent coupons and discounts!

Lunds & Byerly’s Online Grocery Ordering & Pickup

While I love Coborn’s that I reference above, there were a few things I needed to get that were a bit more on the gourmet side that they didn’t carry.  Of course I did NOT want to go to the grocery store unless absolutely necessary, so the next best thing is to go to the store, but just drive through and pick up the groceries!  (They also deliver, but I’ve never tried that out, so cannot comment).

So, today after work, I will be going through their “grocery drive thru” to pick up the rest of my groceries!  Can’t beat that on a cold winter day!!

Avoiding those ImpossibleToOpen Toy Packages

I will probably never understand why toy manufacturers feel the need to use screws, twist ties and other semi-permanent means of packaging toys.  I swear you need an aresnal of tools just to get them open sometimes!

Of course, what little kid wants to wait 30 minutes for Uncle Bob to find his pocket knife and open the packaging to play with their toy?!  So, I have found a great work around for this.  Of course it does take some time upfront to do it, but you’ll be SO glad you did on Christmas when the kids are able to bust into their new toys right away.

I like to take the toys out of the packaging and get them all setup BEFORE wrapping them.  That means putting in batteries, testing it out to ensure it work correctly.  Removing the twist ties, screws, pastic bands, etc.  If you must somehow attach the toy to the packaging, just use some scotch tape as that’s WAY easier to remove!  Then, just put the toy back into the box it came in and wrap away!  And if you have destroyed the box in frustration, just put it in an entirely different box.  The kids won’t care if it’s not in it’s original packaging!  They’ll be too busy playing with it!

Last Minute Gift Purchases

Um yeah, so there may or many not be a person that I completely forgot to get something for!  Thank goodness for Amazon Gift Cards!  You can choose from a great variety of delivery options, email, print your own at home, etc and the best part is it’s INSTANT!! Whew!  No need to rush to the mall and grab something they may hate!  Amazon has something for everyone!

I hope these tips help save you a little bit of sanity over the next few days and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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