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And here we are…

I’m on Day #2 of my new chapter of my life.  It’s been going about how I anticipated it would.  Very busy mornings while we get Tyson off to school, then B and I head to the gym for her to play at “the babies” and for me to get my butt in gear.  :-) I signed up for a 5K at the end of April, so it’s time to start training (did I mention I’ve always hated running?!)

It’s so bizarre not hearing the alarm go off every morning, but rather hearing Ty come into the bedroom asking when I’m going to get up.  Just a different kind of alarm now!  And lately, they’ve been waking up before 7, hopefully when daylight savings time ends in a couple of weeks, that will adjust to an hour later.:-)

When we’re home and Ty’s at school, we spend a lot of time in our family room, just playing and hanging out.  I think one of B’s favorite gifts she got for Christmas was this fantastic toy!  She literally plays with this every day.  She is always busy drawing “horsies” and lots of circles which she tells us are of us all.  It’s so cute!  I love watching her little hands draw.

She’s so focused sometimes

Until this one has to interrupt her 😛

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Steph - This sounds absolutely wonderful…I sure wish I could go workout like that…maybe one day down the road when life slows down…does it ever though? ha/ha Love B’s piggy’s, I miss those fresh piggy’s that hardly fit in. She definately is growing up before our eyes! Best of luck!

Taci - U are doing awesome @ doing it all !! keep it up Momma !!

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