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And here we are…

I’m on Day #2 of my new chap­ter of my life.  It’s been going about how I antic­i­pated it would.  Very busy morn­ings while we get Tyson off to school, then B and I head to the gym for her to play at “the babies” and for me to get my butt in gear.  :-) I signed up for a 5K at the end of April, so it’s time to start train­ing (did I men­tion I’ve always hated running?!)

It’s so bizarre not hear­ing the alarm go off every morn­ing, but rather hear­ing Ty come into the bed­room ask­ing when I’m going to get up.  Just a dif­fer­ent kind of alarm now!  And lately, they’ve been wak­ing up before 7, hope­fully when day­light sav­ings time ends in a cou­ple of weeks, that will adjust to an hour later.:-)

When we’re home and Ty’s at school, we spend a lot of time in our fam­ily room, just play­ing and hang­ing out.  I think one of B’s favorite gifts she got for Christ­mas was this fan­tas­tic toy!  She lit­er­ally plays with this every day.  She is always busy draw­ing “hor­sies” and lots of cir­cles which she tells us are of us all.  It’s so cute!  I love watch­ing her lit­tle hands draw.

She’s so focused sometimes

Until this one has to inter­rupt her 😛

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Steph - This sounds absolutely wonderful…I sure wish I could go work­out like that…maybe one day down the road when life slows down…does it ever though? ha/ha Love B’s piggy’s, I miss those fresh piggy’s that hardly fit in. She defi­nately is grow­ing up before our eyes! Best of luck!

Taci - U are doing awe­some @ doing it all !! keep it up Momma !!

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