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One Week

I’ve officially survived my first whole week as a stay at home mom and full time photographer.  Of course we haven’t been sick all winter and Tuesday B came down with a cold, then Wednesday Ty got it, and of course, Thursday was the lucky day for me!  But, despite that minor setback, I managed to get in all 3 days of training in the Couch to 5K Week 1 and it went much better than I anticipated!

I also started an Herbal Cleanse last Monday too and we’ve really been working hard to clean up our eating habits.  Not only for our own health, but to set a better example of the kids.  So, I thought this would be a great way for me to start it off, rid my body of all the bad stuff and start with a clean slate, literally!

A co-worker of mine from TR had told me about this line of products and said most people lose between 5-10 lbs on just this cleanse.  So, I decided to give it a go, as I really had nothing to lose.  Well, so far I’ve lost 7 lbs and still have 2 more days to go!  And the best part?  I feel SO much better, healthier, and am sleeping better at night too!  I’m sure it’s a combination of eating better, exercising and the cleanse, but I must say, if you’re in need for a kick start, definitely give this a shot!

I also signed up as a distributor so I could get all of their products for 20% off because I can definitely see us using these more long term, the energy drinks have been fantastic before workouts and the Oasis, wow, that stuff is simply amazing!  So, if you’d like to give any of their stuff a try, you can shop right through my Shop here!

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