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A Very Olivia Birthday Party!

Since Ty and Bailey’s birthdays are about a month apart (March 14 and April 18) this year we just decided to do one joint family party somewhere in between the two of them.  So, the first weekend in April, we had our “family” party.  Since Tyson was going to be having a separate kid party closer to his birthday, I decided to have a more girly theme to this one for Bailey.  Since we still have a major Olivia the Pig obsession in our house, and Bailey had a perfect white and black polka dot dress I bought back in August for this event, I figured that would be the perfect choice!

Inspired by this blog post, I got rolling!  My first project was of course the feather boa wreath for the light in the kitchen.  It was SUPER easy to make.  You can find the instructions here.  Mine didn’t turn out as fancy, but still cute nonetheless!

Now it was onto the food.  The party was at 1 pm, so I just wanted to have a bunch of apps and finger foods.  I’ve been looking for a reason to make Bakerella’s Cake Pops for some time now and since Olivia is all about all things red, decided that red velvet cake pops would be the perfect addition to the party.  They were so.yummy!!  I also made these super easy Oreo Cookie Suckers.  These were a HUGE hit too!

We also had Olivia’s “Rules of Life’ on little cards around the house.  That’s one of my favorite parts of the show and her books!

The kids had SO much fun and of course got spoiled rotten!  And mommy had fun too going overboard once again with a party.  I’m always stressed out at the last minute about these things, but I know that there are only a few more years left that I’ll have to be able to have ANY opinions about the parties.  So, I need to take advantage while I can!
Happy Birthday Bailey & Tyson!

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Nancy - I’ve been *this close* to getting rid of Lily’s two-year birthday red, white & black stuff. After seeing this, I hope she still loves Olivia as much next year so we can do this too. Love it!

Olivia - We LOVE your party! It is a great one to feature on our official OLIVIA Facebook page so it can be an inspiration to other fans!

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