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Time Management Challenged

Um yeah, so that’s me, the one who hasn’t posted since APRIL!!!  Let’s just say this work­ing from home thing is HARD and much more time con­sum­ing than one could ever have imag­ined!!  But, I am SO happy I took this leap of faith, so far so good, although of course we’ve had a few bumps along the way in this change.

Just a brief update on everyone:

Tyson fin­ished Kinder­garten back in June, crazy, I know!  He’s very excited for sum­mer and has been busy enjoy­ing it with all of the neigh­bor­hood kids.  He played base­ball this spring and flag foot­ball has started this week.  He’s still our lit­tle jock!

Bai­ley is amaz­ing.  She is such a lit­tle stinker, but at the same time so adorable and sweet.  It’s been so fun to spend so much time with her these last few months. Espe­cially when it was just me and her when big bro was in school.  She’s a lit­tle fishy in our neigh­bor­hood pool and is talk­ing up a storm!  She’s start­ing a dance class with her neigh­bor friend next week and it might just be cute­ness over­load!!!  Will def­i­nitely be tak­ing pics of that!

Tony and I are busy plug­ging away at life!  Work­ing lots and play­ing lots too though.  We’ve been hav­ing a lot of bon­fires (and a lot of wine) with our awe­some neigh­bors.  I just love our neigh­bor­hood, I feel so lucky to live here!!:-)

Now—back to my post title.  One of the things I have real­ized over the last few months is that I am com­pletely time man­age­ment chal­lenged!  I NEED to be orga­nized and I WANT to be orga­nized, but get­ting there and STAYING there is a bat­tle for me and always has been!  I’m really try­ing to work hard to teach myself some new habits and rou­tines to sim­plify our daily life for my family.

Are you a list maker?  I sure strive to be.  And you know what?  Since I’ve started using more lists, I’ve been feel­ing much more orga­nized and for­get­ting fewer things!

I stum­bled upon this amaz­ing site for all things list related. I just had to share in case any­one out there is look­ing for a way to help them stay orga­nized and sane!  It’s called List­PlanIt.

List Plan It - Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

They have a list for just about every­thing that you can think of.  Right now, my favorite are the busi­ness lists though, they help me plan out my busi­ness blog posts, newslet­ters and mar­ket­ing.  There are also some fan­tas­tic daily plan­ner, meal plan­ning and to do lists.  I also can­not wait to use their hol­i­day spe­cific lists as well!

What kinds of things do you use to keep you on track and orga­nized?  I would love to hear about them!

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