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Time Management Challenged

Um yeah, so that’s me, the one who hasn’t posted since APRIL!!!  Let’s just say this working from home thing is HARD and much more time consuming than one could ever have imagined!!  But, I am SO happy I took this leap of faith, so far so good, although of course we’ve had a few bumps along the way in this change.

Just a brief update on everyone:

Tyson finished Kindergarten back in June, crazy, I know!  He’s very excited for summer and has been busy enjoying it with all of the neighborhood kids.  He played baseball this spring and flag football has started this week.  He’s still our little jock!

Bailey is amazing.  She is such a little stinker, but at the same time so adorable and sweet.  It’s been so fun to spend so much time with her these last few months. Especially when it was just me and her when big bro was in school.  She’s a little fishy in our neighborhood pool and is talking up a storm!  She’s starting a dance class with her neighbor friend next week and it might just be cuteness overload!!!  Will definitely be taking pics of that!

Tony and I are busy plugging away at life!  Working lots and playing lots too though.  We’ve been having a lot of bonfires (and a lot of wine) with our awesome neighbors.  I just love our neighborhood, I feel so lucky to live here!!:-)

Now—back to my post title.  One of the things I have realized over the last few months is that I am completely time management challenged!  I NEED to be organized and I WANT to be organized, but getting there and STAYING there is a battle for me and always has been!  I’m really trying to work hard to teach myself some new habits and routines to simplify our daily life for my family.

Are you a list maker?  I sure strive to be.  And you know what?  Since I’ve started using more lists, I’ve been feeling much more organized and forgetting fewer things!

I stumbled upon this amazing site for all things list related. I just had to share in case anyone out there is looking for a way to help them stay organized and sane!  It’s called ListPlanIt.

List Plan It - Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

They have a list for just about everything that you can think of.  Right now, my favorite are the business lists though, they help me plan out my business blog posts, newsletters and marketing.  There are also some fantastic daily planner, meal planning and to do lists.  I also cannot wait to use their holiday specific lists as well!

What kinds of things do you use to keep you on track and organized?  I would love to hear about them!

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