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Master Bathroom Mini Makeover

Now that we’ve lived in our house for a year, I’ve been given the ALL CLEAR to PAINT!!  Thank you GOD!!!  I cannot stand the boring beige that our WHOLE house was painted any longer!  Let me get my roller and brush and have at it!

The first room to fall victim to me was our master bathroom.  I started with that one because I knew it would should be an easy enough project to do, just needed some fresh paint and accessories and voila!  It’s been 2 weeks since I painted it and thankfully it pretty much went according to plan.  I decided to go with this color scheme of light green, aqua and gray.  It ended up being more just the green and aqua, but I really like how it turned out all together.  It feels so fresh and cheery when we go in there now.

I don’t really have any “before” photos except for ones on my phone, but it was pretty much just a boring old brown bathroom.  So, here are the much more cheery, happy “after” photos!  I would say it’s about 95% done.  I’m still debating on whether or not I like the rugs I got and if I should put them in front of our sinks as I had planned or put one in the toilet closet and the other in front of the shower…thoughts?

Here it is!


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Sara - Amy…LOVE the color. It looks soothing…like a “Calgon, take me away” moment could be had for sure. I think the rugs would look great in front of the sinks…but what would I know-I can’t decorate for the life of me! Can’t wait to see more makeovers!

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