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First Grade!

Yes, it’s 12:42 am on November 16th.  Today I turn thirty one.  Holy crap, I am getting up there (I kid, I kid…)  Since I have a few minutes I thought I would post on this poor neglected blog!  Things have been busy busy busy for us (but when aren’t they?) and I’m wrapping up my crazy busy season right now with photography.  Looking forward to having the month of December off to enjoy some time with the kiddos and shoot for ME!

I can’t believe Tyson is already in first grade!  He has just changed and matured so much over the summer and is just such a big kid now.  He still loves his sister too much, but watching their bond grow has been so amazing!  They love each other so much!

Here are some photos from the big first day of school this year!  I found these awesome printables (I will try and hook up the link when I remember where I found them from!) for the first day of school for each year.  So, I’ve got them all printed and in my file drawer, just waiting for the kids to grow to use them.  I thought this would be a fun tradition each year.  :-)

Here’s our big boy, with his sister, his BFF Alex, and down at the bus stop.

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Back to School! » Maniak Madness - […] Last week Tyson started SECOND Grade!  I can­not believe it!!  He was very excited to have Ms. Rutt for his teacher and so far 2nd grade is off to a great start!  Here’s our annual First Day of School photo in front of the tree out on the curb.  I hope we can do these signs every year (and yes, I already have them printed out through 12th grade!)  So fun to see how much he’s changed since last year. […]

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