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Just a few of some of the things I’m loving right now!

MomAgenda Home Office Edition – While I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Google Calendars, my husband hasn’t been very keen on checking it (despite me setting up an auto sync on his phone for him). With my crazybusyinsane work schedule as of late, not to mention all the stuff that the kiddos have going on, we needed something in writing to keep track of everything we have going on.  I’m still putting everything on the Google Calendars though so that I have them on the go, but back in September I got this MomAgenda in blue.

My favorite part of it is that it runs based on the school year.  So, August 2011 – August 2012!  For us, that makes more sense because when school is back in session, that’s when things change up and get more hectic.

They are having a great sale on some of their planners to clear them out before year end, and I’m sure they’ll have some fantastic new ones coming out very soon for the new year.

Relish Relish – In follow up to my recent Meal Planning post, we’ve been trying out another site in addition to e-mealz.  As much as I’ve loved e-mealz, Relish! is definitely a bit better.  I like that I can go through and just choose the meals that we like (and there are more than just 7 per week and there are freezer meals) and it will combine them all into one printable PDF document and a combined shopping list.

Also, the meals seem to be quite a bit healthier and have more fresh ingredients.  I’m hoping to make quite a few of the freezer meals in the coming weeks now that things are slowing down a bit!

Menage A Trois Red Wine  I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m some fancy schmancy wine snob.  I love this wine, and have for about a year now.  It’s yummy, it’s cheap, and let’s face it, it gets the job done:-) Even better yet, you can get it for about $7 a bottle at Costco! Woooot!!

Pinterest – Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  It’s the latest creative, inspiring, time sucking addiction I have.  Think of it as a virtual bulletin board of things that you want to tuck away for later.  You can follow other people and their pins and boards.  I love to use it for ideas for home decorating, photography inspiration, tips and tricks and all sorts of other random things I want to bookmark on the internet!  Want to follow me on Pinterest?  You can do so here:

Kindle – I got a Kindle for my birthday last weekend and have really been loving it!  I mostly wanted one to have to read outside (the iPad just has too much glare outside in full sun) and something to take down to the pool or throw in my purse to read at the kids’ activities.  I’ve got a few books loaded on it, and I love that I can also put e-books on it as well.  So far, I’m loving it!

Erin Condren Year Round Notebook – This one is kind of in line with the MomAgenda.   If I hadn’t already gotten the momAgenda, I might have gotten one of the Daily Planner’s from erin condren instead!  I’ve been using this as my working to do list for work tasks and using the calendar for my marketing planning for 2012.  This thing is so beautiful!  I love the laminated covers and the nice heavy duty spine on it.  Lots of colorful pages, stickers and other fun elements to it.  I highly recommend her stuff and I’ll definitely be getting more down the road!

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