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School Picnic, Summer Survival & Snicker-doodle Chex Mix

On Tuesday night we had the annual School picnic.  It was quite the event with lots of bounce houses, a dunk tank and of course a giant hot dog and chips for dinner.  Tyson was in HEAVEN and I realized how many kids knew him as we were walking around and they were all saying Hi to him.:-) Hard to believe he only has 2 weeks left of school!

Speaking of the end of school, how cute are these?  Might try and give making those a go for Tyson’s besties!

In preparation for summer survival mode, I decided to find some resources that I could turn to for things to do this summer as I really want to make the most of our time together this summer.  Of course we’ll be running around a lot, but the kids LOVE whenever we have something fun and new to try out and so this is a great chance for us to try some new things and learn together!  I found an amazing resource through The Confident Mom site in her Summer Survival Planner.  I love that the calendar can be printed, but then we also keep the PDF version handy as she has clickable links in there to each of the ideas and resources!  It works GREAT!  I’ve also been pinning some of them on my Pinterest page too.

Since Tyson is still in school, we can’t really do a whole lot of them, but we’re keeping a list of our favorites so that as soon as school is out, we can try them!  Today though, we decided to make a little after dinner treat from the Planner called Snickerdoodle Chex Mix.  Here is a link to the original recipe.  Our store was out of the Cinnamon Chex, but they did have chocolate, which worked as a great substitute.  I will warn you though, this stuff is DANGEROUS!  Its highly addictive and I have a feeling we’ll be making another batch this weekend…

We are so excited for Memorial weekend this weekend with our annual Polish Picnic on Sunday!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Steph - Yum…I will definately be giving this a try. Although a little more dangerous for us as Taya can’t have this with the carmal and popcorn because of her braces so I will have to make puppy chow besides…great!! Now we will have two things to add to my weight…tee/hee 😉

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