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Laundry Room Updates

Last summer I contacted the amazingly talented Jen from iHeart Organizing and sent her some depressing pics of our laundry room.  I was in major need of some organizing advice.  We have a LOT of space in there, and lots of things we needed to store, but I had no idea where to begin.  Here is my very sad “before” photo:

Yes, it was a hot mess.  Jen was kind enough to give me some awesome ideas, that I’ve slowly been implementing over the last 9 months or so.  Here were some of the things she recommended we do.

  • Add a shelf to the open space to the right of the cabinets -or- make a cute curtain to hide what’s behind there
  • Store beach towels rolled up & swimming/outdoor gear inside the cabinets with a caddy
  • Using my current red paisley bins on the top shelf as inspiration, add additional containers to store smaller items and label them to keep them organized
  • Add a coordinating rug (Jen recommended this one)

I’m happy to say that I’ve done most of the things on the above list, with the exception of the under counter area.  Still deciding what to do there…  Here are some after pics and a breakdown of what I ended up doing.

  • Using my Silhouette, I made some fun vinyl labels for the washer, dryer and the tub on top of the washer which contains our frequently used laundry items (soap, dryer balls, etc.)  I actually already had that brown tub for one of my photography props, so it was nice not to have to buy a new one and just repurpose it!
  • Next I hit up Target and found these great woven baskets.  They came in a couple of versatile sizes, and complimented my Paisley baskets quite well!
  • Next up I made some fun little labels for the baskets so that all of our stuff would have a dedicated home.
  • We also needed an easily accessible spot to store things like screwdrivers, pliers, sponges, etc, so I picked up these cute kitchen organizers at Ikea and mounted them to the wall behind the wash tub.
  • I found an equally pretty rug at Target with red trim for a fraction of the Pottery Barn price!  And I love how it makes it feel just all around more put together.  :-)
  • And last but not least, yes, those are flowers on top of the washing machine.  They are faux flowers, but they really add a nice element of “pretty” to an otherwise daunting task.

I’m still adding some more touches here and there. I saw a super cute printable on Pinterest, but the colors didn’t match my laundry room, so I redid it in Photoshop:-) I need to pickup a white frame for it and get it hung somewhere in there.  :-) Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post for a free download of this printable!

 For a FREE Download of this Laundry printable, just Click Here.

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Kim Hill - Ooooh, that looks fabulous! I bet ya don’t even mind doing the laundry now that it’s all glamorous in there. :)

Sara Halverson - I LOVE it AMY…it looks great.

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