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First Family Meeting and New Routines!

Our kids are SO very routine based.  They do so much better when they know what’s expected of them and coming next in the course of our day.  I think that’s what we struggled with the most over summer break, all the constant changes in our schedule with various sports and activities and other events that left our schedule unpredictable through those few months.

So, the week before school, we sat down and had our first ever Family Meeting.  It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but rather a time for us all to come together and talk about our upcoming schedule changes, when we would be doing homework, etc.  We also came up a list with each of the kids of things that they should/could do every day.  Some things were very basic (get dressed, brush teeth, etc.) and others were a little more “chore” like.  Once we had our lists, I found these awesome fillable/printable chore charts.  I filled them in for each of them, printed them out, laminated them and stuck some magnetic tape on them.  I decided to give these awesome Dry Erase Crayons a go and they’ve been working great to color in our charts!

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Sara - What an awesome idea Amy! I just might have to borrow it:)

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