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It pays to be named Amy: Baby Pool Winners!

I guess the trick to winning the baby pool was to be named Amy!  I’m happy to announce the winners of our Lemaniak Baby Pool!  We collected $65 in the entries, so each of the payouts will be $32.50!
For the closest date and time guess, Amy C (a co-worker of mine) won with the only…

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Bailey Marie Lemaniak is Here!

Tonight will mark one week since I went in to labor and had our little girl. I feel bad that I haven’t had a chance to post ANYTHING on here yet about it, but I’m sure you all understand.
Our sweet Bailey Marie arrive very early Saturday morning at 3:15 am. She…

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Update: Baby Pool!!

Wow, it’s been so much fun to see all of the guesses that have come in for the baby pool. It’s not too late to get in on the fun! If you’d like to join in, go here to fill out the form. You can pay your entry either via PayPal by…

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Baby Update and Other Ramblings

So, here’s a brief update on Miss Bailey. I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and let’s just say (I don’t want to gross you all out too much) that I’m to the point of “progression” that when I was like this with Ty, I was well into labor and in the hospital. …

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Baby Shower!

My fabulous friend, Sally, hosted a baby shower a couple of weekends ago for me. It was small and intimate and so much fun! We really didn’t need too many things this time around, but I somehow got lucky enough to get all of the things I really wanted to get for this baby, so…

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