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First Family Meeting and New Routines!

Our kids are SO very routine based.  They do so much better when they know what’s expected of them and coming next in the course of our day.  I think that’s what we struggled with the most over summer break, all the constant changes in our schedule with various sports and activities and other events that left…

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Fun Finds

Just a few of some of the things I’m loving right now!
MomAgenda Home Office Edition – While I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Google Calendars, my husband hasn’t been very keen on checking it (despite me setting up an auto sync on his phone for him). With my crazybusyinsane work schedule as of late, not to mention…

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Christmas Sanity Saver Tips!

Last night at ECFE we were briefly sharing some tips and hints about how to save time and sanity over the next few days.  Thought I’d share a couple of them that I do and could not live without this week!
Coborn’s Delivers – Home Grocery Delivery
This one is NOT just holiday related, but rather year…

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