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Sanity Saver: 2013 Weekly Household Planner

Attention all busy moms! I want to tell you about something that will change the way you manage your household and will turn it into a smooth running, stress-free home—which, of course, means a happy mom!
Created by Susan Heid at The Confident Mom (whose blog has been so inspirational and helpful to me this year),…

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One Week

I’ve officially survived my first whole week as a stay at home mom and full time photographer.  Of course we haven’t been sick all winter and Tuesday B came down with a cold, then Wednesday Ty got it, and of course, Thursday was the lucky day for me!  But, despite that minor setback, I managed…

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Do you know what a Gleek is?  If not, you need to walk away from the computer at this very moment and go rent the first season of Glee on DVD.  If you do, well, then you’ll probably really like this post!  

The Sunday before my birthday, I saw in one of the Sunday Ads…

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Homemade Baby Food

So, I know I’m usually an overachiever and when it comes to baby food, I guess that’s no exception.  With Ty, I spent one entire weekend and made him a ton of baby food.  It’s actually much easier than one would imagine and you can make a crapload of it and freeze it and it…

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