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My Favorite iPhone Apps

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my iPhone:-) Since I can’t upgrade to the new iPhone 5 until February, I thought I would at least share what some of my favorite iPhone apps are (I’m sure many of these are also available for Android devices as well).

Instagram  – Simply put, this is the worlds best photo sharing app there is!  I love everything about this app and pretty much use it exclusively for all photos taken on my iPhone.



OmniFocus – I’ve been searching for well over a year for the perfect “to do list” app that works on my iMac, MacBook Pro and iPhone.  Since I am frequently jumping from device to computer and back again, I needed one that would sync across multiple devices and be EASY to use, so that I would actually use it.  It’s been about 2 months now that I’ve been using OmniFocus for every.single.thing both business and personal, that needs to be done, and I’ve been extremely happy with it’s ease of use and simplicity!  OmniFocus is also available as a Mac App for your desktop as well.

Flipboard – An amazing app that acts as a social magazine!  View your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader and countless other social/media feeds all in one place!  It’s so nice to have all of this stuff in a beautiful presentation contained in one app.


Sleep Cycle – So you know when you get woken up by your alarm and

you’re in a super deep sleep?  And then you feel groggy for most of the morning.  Well, this app intends for that to never happen again! This app is so cool. I can’t even tell you how it works, but it does work!  Yousimply place your iPhone face down next to your pillow on your bed and it tracks

your sleep cycles and wakes you at the optimal time during your sleep cycle when you’re in a lighter sleep!  I’ve been using it for about 5 nights now and every morning it wakes me up and I feel great!  You can also see your stats for the night and sure enough, it has been dead on for the times when I’ve had to get up for various things!   Here is my cycle from 2 nights ago.  SO cool!!

Podcaster – I am a podcast junkie!  I LOVE listening to them when I go to sleep each night (they help calm my brain down and turn off my thinking mode!).  This app will check each time you launch it for new episodes and then download them to your device.



MyFitness PalLast but not least, this is a fantastic app for anyone that’s trying to lose or watch their weight!  It’s a completely free app that enables you to track your foods and exercise.  What I love about it is that the database of foods has nearly known to mankind listed in it!  You can also scan barcodes of the food that you’re about to consume and it will automatically load the nutritional info for that food into your log for the day!  I’ve kind of been on hiatus using this app as religiously as I once did, but hoping to get back on the bandwagon of it again soon!
So, there you have it!  Some of my favorite iPhone apps!  What are yours? I’d love to hear about them!

Kaylah - I know exactly how you feel about your iPhone, because I feel the exact same way about mine lol. Only problem is I’m not eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 5 until December of next year! I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long, but at least now after stopping by your blog, I have some new apps to check out in the mean time. Sleep Cycle sounds very cool, and like something that will really benefit me. I’m excited to try it out! Some of my favorite apps include; DISH Remote Access, Pandora, IMDB, Chase, Words with Friends, and Draw Something. I mainly go for the entertainment ones because of all the traveling I do for my job at DISH. It can get mighty boring waiting around in so many airports, so they all definitely do the trick in killing some time. DRA is probably my most favorite though, because it lets me keep up with all of my favorite, live or recorded, shows from back home. :)

Amy - Oh yes! I used to use the Dish RA one too before we changed providers. It was nice to be able to watch my DVR’d shows on that! I also love the Netflix app too to watch shows on when I’m bored. so fun to hear about what your fave apps are too Kaylah!

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First Family Meeting and New Routines!

Our kids are SO very routine based.  They do so much better when they know what’s expected of them and coming next in the course of our day.  I think that’s what we struggled with the most over summer break, all the constant changes in our schedule with various sports and activities and other events that left our schedule unpredictable through those few months.

So, the week before school, we sat down and had our first ever Family Meeting.  It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but rather a time for us all to come together and talk about our upcoming schedule changes, when we would be doing homework, etc.  We also came up a list with each of the kids of things that they should/could do every day.  Some things were very basic (get dressed, brush teeth, etc.) and others were a little more “chore” like.  Once we had our lists, I found these awesome fillable/printable chore charts.  I filled them in for each of them, printed them out, laminated them and stuck some magnetic tape on them.  I decided to give these awesome Dry Erase Crayons a go and they’ve been working great to color in our charts!

Sara - What an awesome idea Amy! I just might have to borrow it:)

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Back to School!

As has become my usual M.O. this blog has once again lacked my attention.  The summer flew by and I have lots to post and catch up on, but of course I have some back to school stuff to share first!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE back to school time!  I sort of look at it the same way many people look at New Years.  It’s a great time to make a fresh start at home, for our routines and in lots of other ways!  It’s my busy time in the photography world too.  I have been using this awesome Back 2 School Survival Kit in the weeks leading up to school starting and it’s been a tremendous help in getting everything organized for this year.

Last week Tyson started SECOND Grade!  I cannot believe it!!  He was very excited to have Ms. Rutt for his teacher and so far 2nd grade is off to a great start!  Here’s our annual First Day of School photo in front of the tree out on the curb.  I hope we can do these signs every year (and yes, I already have them printed out through 12th grade!)  So fun to see how much he’s changed since last year.

Today was a big day for Bailey too!  Her first official day of Preschool!  She will be going twice a week to preschool and to say she’s excited is a bit of an understatement.  Her BFF and our neighbor, Julia, is in her class too, which makes it all the more fun for them!  So fun that they will go to Kindergarten too!  Here are some photos from her first 


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What a wonderful weekend! We are literally driving back home from an amazing wedding week for my sister and Brian’s wedding in Sioux City Iowa

Lots more photos to come but here’s a fun one of the beautiful couple from yesterday on the trolley ride we took after the ceremony!


Sara - Carissa looks absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see images of Bailey in a flowergirl dress…bet she looked like a little Cinderella:)

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Last Day of School & Crazy Drivers

Tyson had his last day of 1st Grade on June 8th and I cannot believe I officially have a 2nd grader now!  He’s really grown up a lot this year and LOVES school!  He’s such a great reader and enjoys math and numbers.  We’re so proud of the kid he is and we are so lucky that he’s ours!

In other news…we had a bit of a crazy shopping cart driver.  B’s been playing Grocery Store lately and while you would think that means she pretends to SHOP at the store, it actually means that she RUNS (with her sneakers on) AS FAST AS SHE CAN, through the house with her little shopping cart (seen left).  Except this time, she says that Baby and Gobbler (turkey) were driving together.  Except I think that Baby was driving and Gobbler was navigating…love that girl and her silliness:-)

Here is Tyson and his best buddy (and next door neighbor), Alex.

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