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Ready for Summer

We’ve really been enjoying the lovely spring weather we’ve had lately!  I love our time in the mornings.  Tyson is usually the first one up, and then Bailey and I seem to usually wake up around the same time.  Lately, she’s been calling for her “brudder” to get her up, and he loves that he can lift her out of her crib.  Then we snuggle for a few minutes in our bed together before we get up for the day and begin the morning hustle.  I’m looking forward to summer when don’t have to watch the clock as closely and can enjoy our relaxed mornings a bit more.

Top Row: B and I at Mother’s Day Tea at preschool ::  We spotted a cardinal one morning in the back yard and B decided she needed to show him his picture in Brown Bear Brown Bear.

Bottom Row:  Our new favorite find, Infused Water Pitcher, infusing some yummy cucumber into our water :: We had a wedding shower for Auntie Carissa and little Miss was very excited to get all dressed up and hang out with the big girls!

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Mother’s Day Tea!

Bailey’s Monday preschool had an adorable little Mother’s Day show for all of us mommies followed by “tea” and refreshments the Monday before Mother’s Day.  It was so.stinking.cute!! I can’t believe how much she’s grown since the fall when she started going there! Next fall she’ll be in preschool 2x a week + this mother’s day out program once a week. Such a Big girl!!

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Memories :: Instagram Style!

These days my iPhone seems to be capturing most of our day to day activities.  I’ve fallen in LOVE with Instagram to fill my “must-edit-every-photo-I-take” need!  LOL.  I’m hoping this will help me to share more of our day to day activities here on the blog too since the photos are all ready go to!

Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve been up to here!

Left Side:  Mother’s Day 5K at Como.  Tyson ran the 1/2 mile fun run and I had my best 5K time ever of 32:32! :: Mother’s Day Margarita!  Thanks to my sister for the yummy margarita mix and tequila:-) Had a wonderful mother’s day!

Right side: This is B’s first year of dance and we had dance pictures last night!  I got to put those old school sponge rollers in her hair and it brought back so many memories for me from my dancing years!  Bottom right photo is of her and her besties, Julia & Olivia, before we headed out for photos.  Cannot wait for her recital on June 3rd!

Summer is right around the corner and we’re so excited!  The pool is opening on Friday!!

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7 Years

7 years ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!  He made me work for it, but when I first laid eyes on all 8 lbs, 11 oz of him, it was love at first sight.  :-) He’s the first person that ever made me a Mommy and I couldn’t be more proud of the person he is becoming.  Such a sweet, caring boy and the best big brother in the entire world.  Happy Birthday, Tyson!!!

Newborn photo at hospital

and a quick shot from his birthday part last Saturday.

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The Three of Us

Going to try and resurrect the blog once again!  Life has been exceptionally busy of course (when isn’t it though?) but I really want to try and post here once again.  Please excuse me while I play catch up!  I also gave the blog a makeover, what do you think?  It’s a better layout for photos, which we know I love to post lots of here.  :-)

These days I’m generally the one behind the camera, snapping away for clients and photos of my own kiddos.  I’ve wanted to do a session like this for quite some time, but it’s one of those things that I always said “When I lose 10 lbs” or “after I decorate our bedroom” but knowing how I am, if I kept waiting for the perfect time to do it, it would never happen.  Because things are never perfect!  :-) So, I called up my good friend Annie and scheduled a Cuddle Session with her.  She ROCKS at lifestyle photography and I knew that my kids would have a great time with her and I would be at ease as well.

These images are so simple really, but they mean SO much to me!  Looking back I wish I had done this sooner!  I love the emotion that she captured in these.  How she captured Tyson & Bailey’s relationship just perfectly.  Our silliness and sweetness all in the same frame.  I’ve already had an album made from these images and we love looking back and them and I know will continue to do so for years to come!

So, my point is don’t wait.  DO IT NOW!  Get in the photos yourself!  I don’t look exactly how I would have preferred to look, but I guarantee that my kids will never look back and say “Oh, I wish mom had lost some weight before we did these photos”.  No, they will just be happy to have them as a memory.  :-) And I will cherish them forever too!

and I know some of you may be wondering where Tony is, but he’s not the biggest fan of having his photo taken (ironic I know) so I decided to just have this be something special with the kids and I.:-)

Now, onto the photos!  All images courtesy of Annie Torrini Photography (THANK YOU Annie!)

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